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Penta 721s

Modular Audio Router & Interface with 1 Exp Slot

Penta 721s is a modular MADI, AES and DANTE router with one slot for an optional expansion card, which provides a versatile and flexible solution for signal distribution and audio routing via AES/EBU, MADI, as well as routing via IP Gigabit Ethernet and optical fibre networks. The expansion slot can be installed with any of the available expansion cards.

Penta 721s is a compact 1U digital audio interface that comes with eight AES/EBU input/output channels, MADI, Dante IP Audio Ethernet in/outs and Pro|Mon as standard, as well as an optional mini-module slot with dual SFP MADI optical in/out connection.

With Penta 721s you can route to and from any of the digital interfaces on the unit. Further, one optional Penta expansion card can be installed in the unit to hold additional Dante, MADI or AES connections. It can also add Analog inputs or outputs., SDI or Delay processing to the package.

Key Features

  • 64 Dante IP audio I/O channels
  • Support for AES67 with SAP
  • Routing of single channels
  • 8 AES/EBU I/O and 1 BNC MADI I/O
  • Optional Mini module with 2 MADI I/O via SFP
  • Pro|Mon monitor control functionality
  • IP audio L3 Ethernet I/O powered by Dante
  • TCP/IP control via DADman software, Penta 615 control panels panels or the NTP RCCore control system
  • One slot for Penta expansion cards 8 AES/EBU I/O and 1-3 MADI I/O


Key Benefits

  • Flexible patching and routing of digital and analogue audio signals providing
  • Stand alone IP audio interface and format converter
  • Low latency, tightly synchronised, transport of uncompressed audio over IP networks using off the shelf switches
  • Compact solution with redundant power supply
  • Interface for NTP TDM router systems

Expandability Galore: I/O Card Options

We have the following I/O expansion cards to choose from when you consider what to add to the expansion slot:

  • 8 Channel Balanced Line A/D In
  • 8 Channel Balanced Line & Mic Preamp A/D In
  • 8 Channel Balanced Line D/A Out
  • Dante w built-in SRC (128 Channels)
  • 8 Channel AES
  • Dual MADI (128 Channels)
  • Dual SDI embedder/de-embedder

Further, you can also add 2 x 64 channels of MADI to the base unit as SFP modules.

  • SFP/LC – Opt module multi mode 1300 nm low output LED / 647-110
  • SFP/LC – Opt module single/multi mode 1300 nm, laser / 647-200
  • SFP – Coax MADI tranceiver w. HD/mini-BNC / 647-400

This does not occupy any of the two available expansion card slots.

The expansion cards for the AX Center, AX32, AX64 and NTP Penta 720 and 721s are fully inter-changeable between the products.

However, future cards developed for the AX Center and AX64 will not be backwards compatible.

Signal Routing

Penta 721s includes a 512×512 multiplexer, enabling all Dante audio and digital inputs and outputs to be routed in any combination. This enables the unit to also split signals for advanced signal distribution.

The multiplexer can be used to establish the static connections of the signal inputs and outputs. A 256×32 channel summing mixer is also available as a part of the matrix.

IP Audio Powered by Dante

The Penta 720 IP Audio protocol is based on the robust tried-and-tested Dante™ digital audio network technology, and will interoperate with products of other brands that comply with Dante. The Dante IP Audio format provides fast, flexible, and economical audio routing via IP and is compatible with NTP Penta 721s and other Dante devices.

The IP Audio routing provides Low latency, tightly synchronised, transport of uncompressed audio over Gigabit IP Ethernet Layer 3 networks using off the shelf switches, and routers for audio routing via one or more sub-nets. A total of 512 channels can be routed on a 1 Gigabit network, and more if the network capacity is higher.

Dante is the ultimate choice for High Reliability and High Performance Audio Routing and Audio Processing. Small in size, but big in performance. The all digital Penta 720 is developed with the newest technology in FPGA, SMD and software design. Featuring single or dual processor. Ultra compact, ultra fast, ultra reliable. Reliability, innovation and years of experience.


Broadcast Routing

House of Worship

DADman Control

The Penta Audio interface is controlled via the DADman software. DADman can connect to the Penta interface either via Ethernet.

Using control over Ethernet the two RJ45 connectors acts as a switch for connection to  more units. The Dante /AES67 audio is also passed on the two  RJ45 connectors.


PENTA 720 are TCP/IP controlled via one or two Ethernet ports. Control and supervision can be made by the NTP RCCore control system, and the operation is done via the NTP VMC control software client applications. A simple dedicated software control application for Windows is available for controlling and setting up PENTA 720 on a unit to unit basis when less advanced operation is required.

The IP Audio routing is for larger systems controlled by the NTP RCCore Router Control System, for easy and simple setting of connections on the Gigabit IP Ethernet. PENTA 721 can also be controlled by the Dante IP Audio routing controller software.