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Company Profile

DAD – Digital Audio Denmark is a wholly-owned business unit and brand within the company NTP Technology A/S. But more importantly, and with the formalities aside, we love two things more than anything: Great Sound and Flexibility. Therefore, regardless of which product, technology or overall concept you find here, it will always tap back to one or both of those two things.

But What Is Great Sound?

Well, in any capturing or reproduction of audio there are dozens of links in the signal chain that affect the overall quality of the end result. But in an increasingly digitized world of audio, conversion between the analogue and digital domains has also become increasingly critical.

And AD/DA audio conversion is carved deeply into our DNA. That was it all began, and we truly believe that we deliver world-class AD/DA conversion.

We also know for a fact that converting volts into bits and back again is a task not to be taken lightly. Poor AD or DA conversion degrades your sound as much as a really bad microphone – just like a pristine microphone will capture your source in great detail, pristine converters will make a huge difference.

Another link in the signal chain that is very important is the preamp stage. Our microphone preamps have become widely appreciated as being among the most transparent you can get.

If you love the ‘color’ of tubes, you should look elsewhere, but if capturing exactly what you hear is the objective, then we’re here to help you.

As an example, perhaps one of the most delicate fields in audio you could think of is in classical music location recording. And particularly in this area, our preamps has gained many fans among high-profiled engineers and producers. We like to think of our chain of analog preamps going straight to our AD converters is a WYHIWYG solution: What You Hear Is What You Get!

And What is Flexibility?

To us, flexibility in audio has everything to do with great workflows. Once in the digital domain, our solution will handle a distribution matrix of up to 1,500 x 1,500 audio streams. You can send any channel as mono from anywhere to anywhere, or you can couple channels for stereo or surround sound formats.

Our AX32 can – thanks to its modular I/O structure – be equipped to cope with almost any physical input and output format, including analog, AES, MADI, Dante IP Audio, etc.

We believe that this centerpiece will help you design studios and mobile recording solutions with such flexibility that you can create and not least switch between very different workflows in a way that will not only make your professional life easier – it will also help you meet deadlines and save valuable production time.

How? Consider the fact that you get what is effectively a DD converter that makes different digital formats easily co-exist, as well as pristine mic preamps and AD/DA conversion. Add to that the flexible audio routing matrix that also lets you unlock a very powerful monitor control solution if you add the PRO | MON license, and the ability to store and recall any workflow in mere seconds. Go from stereo to Dolby Atmos, from tracking to mixing, from mixing to mastering, etc. in a few clicks. That is how we define flexibility that deliver golden workflows.


Golden Workflows come in many forms, but here are few for inspiration: