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Getting Started with PRO|MON Monitor Control

Thanks to the ultra-flexible nature of the DADman audio routing design, you can basically route any signal anywhere, and PRO|MON obviously benefits from that, empowering you with a tool to set up monitor profiles for any needs imaginable – from simple source selection and monitor switching to complex surround sound and immersive audio monitoring scenarios.

In this video, we’re giving an introduction to PRO|MON and shows you how to create monitoring profiles for various settings. Further, if you would also like to have tactile monitor control at your disposal, we have a dedicated hardware monitor controller: MOM Monitor Operating Module.

PRO|MON and MOM are ideal for use with our Thunder | Core range, but is also perfectly suited for the AX32 audio router and converter, as well as the Penta Series.

Finally, as a last component to take your monitor control system above and beyond, you can add our SPQ Speaker Processing DSP card, which allows you to tune your monitors to suit your room perfectly.